The Levitation 2010

The Levitation 2010, 2010

pedestal of the statue - granite

height approx. 2 m

Dr.Braun square, Ostrava-Svinov

Ing.arch. Petra Ševcůjová, Ing. arch. Pavel Malina

Ensuring implementation:

casting of the statue – Waller – MAtějíček – Art casting studio
construction work – OSA – INVEST s.r.o.
stone pavement – MRAMOR Trading s.r.o.

The sculpture Levitation 2010 represents a seated sculpture of a woman in a lotus position, which, however, is creatively moved into an altered composition and creates the impression of floating (levitation) by touching the ground only at a few points – the little toe of one foot and several fingers of the left and right hand. Below the figure is a free space into which it is possible to take a look. The work is based on similar, previous sculptures of the author – Levitation I and Levitation II.

The realization of the bronze statue resulted from a public competition launched by the Municipality of Ostrava in 2008. Design by MgA. David Moješčík won this competition and the Levitation 2010 sculpture was ceremonially unveiled in 2010. The architectural design of the parterre and the base of the statue is a joint work of architects Petra Ševcůjová and Pavel Malina.