Idea study - The Pilgrim, 2013

Expected material: bronze, stainless steel, base - black polished granite, foundation concrete

Estimated size: 6 x 5 x 7 m (h x w x d)


A figure of a walking man who is connected to the black disc circles on the ground through branching roots and braid. The braid turns into a pilgrim’s staff.


Amodeled male nude in approximately life size. Figure cast from patinated bronze. The root parts are either also made of bronze, or a combination of bent and welded stainless steel. The base consists of nine circular slabs of black polished granite. Everything is anchored in the foundation concrete.


Awalking pilgrim, a person traveling through the landscape – through life, through all the dangers and events of life. He goes through the world and can’t just avoid touching the dark places. The nine dark circles can be both a symbol of wandering through the universe, but also a kind of paraphrase of Dante’s wanderings.