Little Angel I, 2001


57 x 22 x 25 cm

Angel I – I modeled him partly from memory, partly from my friend’s two-year-old daughter. In the process, I simplified my ideas about his final form. He was to be nothing more than a sleeping child on the floor, curled up in a “ball” like a little bug. The viewer’s association after the utterance of even a joking idea can have all sorts of consequences. Like a pushed away “thing”, a lying child gives one the impression of being hurt, something that is extra and unwanted. At the same time, metaphorically, the child-angel is my idea of immaculate innocence, which, however, through various influences can become the opposite or the real devil. The ambiguity here is a what-if problem that has long interested me. Another variant of the statue is the statue “Morning Star” from 2011 (see The statue “Morning Star”).