Little Ducks Project, 2006

Supposed material: polystyrene, polyester, steel cable

Estimated size: length approx. 1 - 2 m


Ducklings on the surface of the pond.


Polyester cast of a modeled vagina in a larger than life scale – length about one meter. Styrofoam float inside. The surface is polished and sprayed with body pink or yellow paint (it draws more attention to the connection with a children’s toy). The whole object is anchored to the bottom of the pond using a rope and a weight (a boulder). Estimated number three. Installation done with the help of one assisting person in one day.


An ironic transfer of the “naming” of female nature to a child’s water toy. At the same time, a kind of inspiration from symbolist images of water washcloths from the 19th century – but with an emphasis on the emphasis on erotic detail. A gradual overgrowth of algae and a gradual connection with nature is expected.