Project Levitation III, 2004

3D scan of the modeled statue


A figure of a meditating woman in a yoga position, touching the ground at only three points – the little finger of one feet and the middle of the left and right hands. Under the figure there is a free space into which you can look (estimated height 2–4 m).


A larger-than-life figure modeled on a steel-wooden structure. It is then shaped and cast from laminate. For its size, the figure is assembled from parts that are finally assembled into a single whole (bolted construction). The color is dark black or white, the eyes are also made of laminate or glass. The structure is anchored with screws into the concrete foundation (it is not a condition due to its size).


A statue standing in the green or, conversely, in an industrial or panel building, where it will allow local children crawl through the whole body and get to places where they can get a sense of security. “Floating” Woman – a relaxed figure in a position based on ancient Indian yoga – in the position of exhalation. Exhalation position – release – contrast aspiration – expansion. The sensual meaning turns into the meaning of motherhood, tenderness and protection. The opening of the door creating a gap above the floor, here symbolized by the space under the statue. The phenomenon of relief and tension expressed by the space under the object can be described by a metaphor of ajar doors, creating here a small gap between the statue and the floor. Door slightly open challenging to reveal the personal and mysterious dimensions of the next world. Gap – the space under the statue – almost imperceptible touch – represents the personal tension between the figure and the ground on which “everything stands” (over which is “floating”).

The original project, which preceded the later proposal from 2008, when it was already created as part of a public competition for the pre-station area in Ostrava-Svinov. This design won the public art competition and was implemented in 2009–2010.