The Little Mermaid - bronze version, 2010

bronze, stainless steel

100 cm x 55 cm x 56 cm

Private collection

The Little Mermaid – the statue belongs to a series of several statues of nymphs and fairies, or subjects from fairy tales, to which I began to turn more after the death of my father. A fairy tale is like a story with the promise of a happy ending, but it is the legend of the mermaid that brings a completely different ending. The composition of the sculpture can be unsettling, it is balanced and stands on tiny three points. The elements of hyperrealism and expression add to expectations, amazement, but also sobering up and a sense of irreversible destiny.
Thanks to a private investor, this bronze version with a stone plinth made of granite was created. The eyes are made of stainless steel in the form of inlay.

Photos: author’s archive and Kristýna Štuková