The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, 2010

polyester, fiberglass, china

100 cm x 55 cm x 56 cm

Private collection

The Little Mermaid – the statue belongs to the series of several statues of nymphs and fairies, or the subject of a fairy tale, that I found after my father died. A fairy tale is like a story with the promise of a happy ending, however, it is the legend of the mermaid that brings a very different ending. The composition of the sculpture can create some unease, it is balanced and stands on a tiny three points. Elements of hyperrealism and expression then illustrate anticipation, wonder, but also sobering and a sense of irreversible fate.
Thanks to a private investor, a bronze version was created also.

The Levitation 2010

The Levitation 2010, 2010

pedestal of the statue - granite

height approx. 2 m

Dr.Braun square, Ostrava-Svinov

Ing.arch. Petra Ševcůjová, Ing. arch. Pavel Malina

Ensuring implementation:

casting of the statue – Waller – MAtějíček – Art casting studio
construction work – OSA – INVEST s.r.o.
stone pavement – MRAMOR Trading s.r.o.

The sculpture Levitation 2010 represents a seated sculpture of a woman in a lotus position, which, however, is creatively moved into an altered composition and creates the impression of floating (levitation) by touching the ground only at a few points – the little toe of one foot and several fingers of the left and right hand. Below the figure is a free space into which it is possible to take a look. The work is based on similar, previous sculptures of the author – Levitation I and Levitation II.

The realization of the bronze statue resulted from a public competition launched by the Municipality of Ostrava in 2008. Design by MgA. David Moješčík won this competition and the Levitation 2010 sculpture was ceremonially unveiled in 2010. The architectural design of the parterre and the base of the statue is a joint work of architects Petra Ševcůjová and Pavel Malina.

Modification of the lobby of Činoherní klub

Modification of the lobby of Činoherní klub, 2003-2010

2003 – sculptural sculpture in front of the niche
2010 – staircase, re-design of the bar and stools

Lobby of the Drama Club

Sculptures in front of a niche in the vestibule of the Drama Club in Prague.

The project is based on the original intention to complete the space in front of the empty niche in the Drama Club in Prague.

The founders of the Drama Club

At the beginning, the idea was to create three figurative portraits of the founders of the Drama Club – director Ladislav Smoček, dramaturg Jaroslav Vostrý and director and actor Jan Kačer. However, this original plan was not implemented. Only a few sketches and one schematic model were created.


Subsequently, two other proposals were created with the theme of “tragi-comedy”.


a pair of statues – sculptures – of a tragicomic dialogue, either as part of a stair railing or as a statue in a niche, or in front of the alcove at the entrance in the theater vestibule.


plastic casting (polyurethane, epoxy, polyester) fixed into the railing, which is either left original or made completely new in a combination of wood – metal, or wood – metal – polyurethane (acrylate). In the case of placement near a niche – anchoring one statue in the ceiling and the other statue in the floor using studs (anchors).


what-if dialogue is the most typical and perhaps the most basic theatrical expression. Use a similar motif in both cases. In the case of the niche, statues standing, seated on the railing. The gesture of (forcing) a smile draws into the problem the tension between tragedy and comedy. Compared to the classic motif of rising and falling (down to the ground), which is used in the design of the sculptures in the niche, here it is more about the communication of these two elements and a greater degree of irony. A piece of both tragic and comic in each of the two characters. The motif also reflects the tragicomic tone of most plays of this theater. One of the functions of the seated variant of the sculpture would be to cover the dressing room, or rather the hangers with clothes during performances. The sculptures would create a welcome motif for the arriving audience and a quiet companionship for the dressers, ushers and other staff. Although a pair, they would form a complementary but independent whole, and the gestures would be replaced by the beam of light-bearers of earlier theaters. A “disgustingly” flesh-colored artificial plastic would inspire the urge to touch and “touch” the figure’s surface. After all, even cold, stone or bronze statues of saints are often rubbed and smoothed to a yellowed, stubby shape. The sculpture will get its aura through a number of touches, as well as manual sanding.
In 2003, a version of the standing figures was finally realized at the alcove in the theater vestibule.

Staircase modification project - the stair railing:

The original sculpture follows the long-term intention of the theater management to adjust the railing of the theater staircase. The original project for the reconstruction of the theater vestibule was prepared by Ing. arch. Doubner, who invited me to cooperate, which resulted in the realization of the “Tragikomedy” sculpture. In 2010, I am with MgA. Michal Šmeral prepared several proposals for modifying the stair railing. In the same year, the final implementation took place. At the same time as the handrail designs, my colleague and I continued with the modification project – re-design of the bar counter and designs for bar stools.

the founders
stair railing
bar stools

Rusted surface version

Stainless steel version

The Levitation III

The Levitation III, 2009

polyester, steel, acrylic and oil paint

200 cm x 190 cm x 200 cm (h x w x d)

On loan at the premises of the Center for Contemporary Art DOX, Poupětova 1, Prague 7

The sculpture Levitation III, what represents a seated statue of a woman in the lotus yoga position, which is creatively shifted into an altered composition and creates the impression of floating (levitation) by touching the ground only at a few points – the little toe of one foot and a few fingers of the left and right hand. There is free space under the figure that can be looked into. The work is based on my similar, earlier sculptures – Levitation I and Levitation II, but most importantly it is a completely reworked model of the bronze sculpture “Levitation 2010”, which I created in 2010 for Dr. Braun Square in Ostrava – Svinov (the realization resulting from the victory in the public sculpture competition in 2009).

Photos: Kristýna Štuková and Georg Hörmann