The Messenger

Design, conceptual and preparatory study of the Messenger sculpture, 2020

Expected material: bronze, stainless steel, granite (base), reinforced concrete base

Estimated dimensions (approx): 3.4 x 4 x 2 m

Private investor, garden Prague

Ing. arch. Pavel Malina, Bc. Vratislav Černý
MgA. Dušan Homoliak
Zahradní specialista Erik s.r.o.

Study of The Chapel

Concept study of the chapel at the Zlatý Orel hotel, 2014

Assumption of materials used:

· foundation – reinforced concrete construction with stone cladding and paving
· columns – granite
· stone wall in three fields between the columns – quarried sandstone
· beam supporting structure forming the roof – spruce with surface treatment
· roofing – split wooden shingle
· canteen – granite
· cross – stainless steel (damasteel)
· bell – bronze
· railing – patinated iron
· chapel lighting – LED

Estimated size: (dimensions shown in drawings) height 8.8 m, width 4.67 m

Private investor, Ostravice, Beskydy Mountains

Co-author: Ing. architect Pavel Malina

The chapel is primarily designed for wedding ceremonies, but it is assumed that it will be consecrated and can therefore also be used for ordinary church ceremonies. One of the possibilities offered is the consecration of the chapel of St. Catherine (or St. Catherine of Alexandria).


Read the Study here