Eva, 2023

polyester, fiberglass, acrylic

200 x 396 x 132 cm

The statue served as a model for the realization of the statue in bronze (private investor – Rehabilitation Center Čeladná s. r. o.). It is based on the previous composition of the “Humility” statue, but basically follows on from the older “Virtue of Virtues” statue. Again, it is inspired by a yoga pose called Gomukha asana, or cow pose – also sometimes called the woman’s pose. All the more so because this position is related to the theme of the biblical Eve, the foremother of humanity, who was not born of a woman. She humbly accepts the predestination of inevitable fate with open arms. She floats, as it were, above the ground, when using a hidden point of contact on the calf of the left leg, she creates a shadow under the body, and to ensure stability, she lightly touches the little toes of both feet to the ground, from which she is basically born through a man.

The sculpture is still in the creative process stage and is not quite in its final form. The entire finalization process remains the author’s secret.

photo: Martin Popelář, author’s archive


Ishvara, 2020

polyester, fiberglass, acrylic, glass, stainless steel, steel

232 x 100 x 70 cm

Ishvara – a male figure, in ancient Indian philosophy The God of All Gods. With the sculpture, I opened up a “male” theme for myself (until then I had been depicting mainly female figures). A figural composition that shows a male figure, rising to the heavens, but at the same time striking his right hand symbolically into a steel base (the symbolism of the earth – iron). It remains up to the viewer whether he wants to perceive the motif as creation or destruction. The inspiration for the composition is both in the actual yoga position, but also in the work of William Blake (In the ancient days). The apparent purity of the forms refers in part to 19th-century classicism, but also to later work, especially in Germany in the 1930s-40s. A black version of the sculpture is also in preparation. However, everything should be taken with a certain degree of irony. I would like to realize the statue in larger-than-life-size sometime in the future.

Photos: Ivan Pinkava